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GetOnline España
GetOnline España are developers of cost-effective websites and solutions. They also run a computer clinic in Fortuna, and repair computers within 25km of their base near Pinoso.

Golf course
Local golf course.  Very friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.

Hiking Trails
Very useful list of hiking trails in the mountains that surround La Canalosa.

La Buena Vida Restaurant
Local Restaurant in Hondon de los Frailes.

The PC Doctor
The PC Doctor is a mobile computer repair business operating out of Pinoso.

All links are provided as is and without guarantee that they are working. If you would like to see a link to your business or activity, please contact us. Please note that links need to be valid for the area surrounding La Canalosa, Alicante province, Spain. 

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Picapiedra Multimedia
Multimedia video and imagery of Picapiedra and the surrounding countryside, attractions, festivals and activities.
About La Canalosa
Explore La Canalosa and the inland wine regions where the climate is less harsh, and the scenery stunningly beautiful.
Picapiedra is an independently run cave house holiday venue
Your ideal location for a quiet, relaxing getaway break deep in the countryside

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